Valet drivers find it difficult to keep track of customers information. Figuring out when customers drop off their vehicles and when they are ready to pick them up can be a challenge. Finally, gratuity can be uncomfortable for valet drivers to be responsible for wads of cash at the end of a shift.


Competitive Analysis

There are several valet driver applications on the market currently. However, I analyzed the top three, which are featured below: 

Comparative Analysis

Valet drivers need features they feel comfortable and familiar with. Providing a product that can instill confidence while at work can lead to a greater sense of productivity and a higher rate of efficiency. 

QR Code Scanner

The simplicity of scanning a QR code/barcode on your phone allows for a convenient utilization of a service that would otherwise take a couple of steps to feel comfortable.

User Research

I designed a survey targeting Atlanta area valet drivers, and distributed it across Facebook groups, Reddit channels, and  valet stands in the Atlanta area.

User Persona

Speaking to valet drivers and collecting data gave me enough information to create a valet driver user persona. Major key points include cashless tipping, notification systems, and electronic valet tickets.


-Collect ticket information quickly

-Collect user contact information to track the valet process

-See the valet history with the user as it occurs

-Have a notification system for when customers request vehicles


-Keeping up with the customer keys

-Customers don't have cash to tip

-Lost valet tickets

-Long lines of customers waiting for their vehicles


Mood Board and Style Guide

Main User Flow

I organized data into a user flow for when a valet driver is first signing up to use the app. This is a quick process, straghtforward, and should only need to be completed at the beginning of employment.

Early Sketches

I sketched out the following screens: valet drivers scanning in new tickets and valet drivers initial sign-up aspect of the app, which would correspond to where the valet would be working during their shift.


I designed low fidelity screens for a support section, location search, and the ability to save a working location for a valet drivers shift.


User Testing with Valet Drivers

"This is really going to help make tipping easier."

"I like how it reminds me of other scanning apps."

"This will help make the evening rush at the club easier to manage."

"This can prevent theft, because customers can't lose an electronic ticket."

"This would be so cool to use at big festivals and concerts."

User Testing with gave some additional insight into menu placement, positive experiences with cashless tipping, and possible features to consider in future iterations.

"The loading screen at the beginning is taking too much time to load."

"The menu is very easy to navigate."

I would love a way to review drivers on the app."

"I love cashless tipping, I'll never feel awkward leaving a tip."

Final Comps

Next Steps

Ratings for valet drivers, which could be used when determining who is eligible for a promotion or raise.

Partnering with festivals and larger events to bringing greater awareness to the brand.


Jeremy has access to an app that allows easy tracking of cars being dropped off and requested. He knows exactly how much money he is bringing in via tips, and that awkward “counting the money in front of the customer” stage is no more! He can go back to being efficient, working hard, and making more money.