Kate's Club Responsive Site


Kate's Club is an organization that was created in 2003 to support children who have lost parents. The mission of Kate's Club is to help children play, share, and grieve together in a world in which it is ok to grieve.


The Kate’s Club website is set up in a way where the volunteer recruitment process is laborious and challenging to navigate. The donation process is impersonal, and continuous engagement is non-existent.


Competitive Analysis

Three other organizations were researched in the category of supporting children who have lost parents. It is important to note that since these organizations are non-profits, resources are sometimes scarce, making it difficult to spend funding on areas like UX design. Areas for improvement focused on include: the homepage, the donation process, the volunteer process, and a contact page.

Camp Magik

Hospice Angels Foundation

Hope for Grieving Children Georgia

Current Product

Looking at the current layout for the Kate's Club site, the three areas of interest each can be looked at as a way to improve the image of the organization and increase functionality and ease of use.

Kate's Club homepage

Homepage Pain Points

Very busy. This is an area that can use some TLC, and better define information under specific categories instead of scattered about under 11 different categories.

Donation Process

Too many processes, distracting, too easy of an exit point.

Volunteer Process

Too lengthy, leading to burn-out and a lack of interest.

Our Visit

I thought it was pivotal that we get a first hand look at how Kate's Club functions, so my colleagues and I attended a volunteer orientation session. This would accomplish two important things: allow us to empathize better with the mission of the organization, and have the opportunity to speak to actual volunteers and donors in their natural element to collect user data

Kate's Club memory wall: children who participate create a handprint for a loved one lost.

Professional, warm, and welcoming signs at each and every room entry point, featuring the name of the individual who provided funding for that room.

Another shot of the memory wall. The aesthetics of the center is stunning, and gives off a professional yet comforting environment.

The Gratitude in Grief art project that some of the children made. Kate's Club promotes an environment of collaborative growth and a community where it is ok to grieve.

Everywhere I turned, there were signs of how deep the personal connections had been built. Kate's Club is an organization built on community, trust, and a safe place to grieve.

We took some time to interview some of the volunteers at the orientation, and took part in some of the activities and break out sessions. We were able to get an inside look at the way volunteers think and feel in regards to Kate's Club.

User Research

I administered a survey to both the volunteer participants at the orientation and through other outlets, including Reddit and Facebook. The three main questions I wanted to get answers for were: what is your current opinion on the volunteer section, what could make the donation page easier to navigate, and what would you expect to find on a Kate's Club app?

Reddit outreach to get access on a greater scale

Designing the survey on surveymonkey.com


Results were varied in many areas, but a few notable, repetitive quotes stood out from our research:

"This volunteer process is draining. I want to give up before I even complete the process."

"I wish the donation process was a bit more personable."

"This website doesn't really showcase how

wonderful this place really is."

User Persona

After collecting data from the volunteers at Kate's Club, along with results from the survey I designed on SurveyMonkey and administered in places like Reddit, I was then able to craft a persona based on the results gathered.


Early Sketches

I went through many different sketch iterations, wanting to simplify the process of a customer staying engaged during the volunteer and donation processes.

Some of the homescreens for the mobile responsive aspect of the site.

Creating a process by which the screens follow a logical flow

Creating the groundwork for what the volunteer page will begin to look like


I focused on the volunteer process for my user, as it stands out as a major pain point throughout the experience. I modeled the volunteer section after swipe right/swipe left applications (such as Tinder. This adds a new age appeal, the ability to engage in conversation before having to fill out a lengthy form, and forming a connection in a way that younger generations connect well with.

The initial volunteer page, where a user can see what the volunteer opportunity is, some of the basic needs, and the opportunity to match up or pass

Once a user has expressed interest and hit match, the match screen comes up. They have the opportunity to start a conversation to learn more.

A conversational UX approach occurs here. The user feels like they are having an actual conversation with a staff member, and they can have typical questions answered immediately instead of sifting through tons of forms.


Moving on to visual aspects (tone and color), the best route seemed to be a sad yet hopeful kind of approach. I chose images and colors that reflected the somber tone of losing a loved one, mixed with images that also convey a glimmer of joy and reprieve.


User Testing

Below are three test users going through the volunteer sign-up process. Noted are lag times, a lack of understanding, and general pain points. Also taken into account are positive remarks, including ease of use and satisfaction regarding the process.

Next Steps

Virtual Memory Wall

Kate's Club has an incredible tribute wall, dedicated to those loved ones that have been lost over time. Bringing this into the digital realm would allow for participants to share their work with others, and would bring exposure to this incredible tribute.

Clubhouse Tour

Kate's Club has an incredible tribute wall, dedicated to those loved ones that have been lost over time. Bringing this into the digital realm would allow for participants to share their work with others, and would bring exposure to this incredible tribute.

Employee Showcase

A more personal look at the leadership team that runs Kate's Club could help families and children feel a stronger connection to the center, and feel more comfortable when it comes to attending events.