My Portfolio


Valet side app

GETvalet is a revolutionary start-up within the Atlanta area that helps customers use valet parking with confidence. The valet side of the app was a project I worked on with two of my colleagues. My focus on this project was user research, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping. Utilizing these techniques, I helped to design a valet experience that is manageable, efficient, and simple to navigate.


Dr. Buddy
Tablet App

Typically, children get very nervous and worried at the thought of going to the doctors office for shots and procedures. Through user research, I identified various things that stand out as most troublesome. I analyzed my results, and designed a solution: a virtual doctors office app that caters to children and helping to tackle anxiety and fear.


Microsite Redesign

Williams-Sonoma is one of the worlds largest retailer of knives and cutlery. When purchasing knives as a gift for someone, customers are often faced with the overwhelming decision-making task of sorting through many pieces of inventory, not knowing what to buy to suit the needs of a giftee. I designed a microsite that tackles this problem, and provides a solution that presents the knives selection in a simple to understand microsite, which will allow the most novice of shoppers to the kitchen aficionado to find what they are looking for with confidence.